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$89 Kitchen, Laundry, Sink Cable / Snake Service.
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$59 Clogged
Toilet Service

ClogFix Drains

At ClogFix, our certified plumbers provide high-quality plumbing repairs and installations at fair prices for residential and commercial customers. Our family-owned firm has been serving the community with honesty, reliability, expertise, and with a client-friendly touch.

Toilet Repair and Replacement

Whether your toilet is clogged, leaking, running slow, or just needs an upgrade, our experienced plumbers can fix or replace it. From fixing fill valves and handles to full toilet replacements, we provide solutions that last. 

Drain Cleaning and Unclogging

We utilize the latest hydro jet and camera inspection technology to quickly identify clogs and debris that are blocking your drains. Our professional drain cleaning services remove stubborn clogs without damaging your pipes.  

Leak Detection and Repairs

From dripping faucets to leaking water pipes, our plumbers can detect the source of the leak and repair or replace defective parts. We offer repairs for all types of leaks in residential and commercial properties.

Free Services for Veterans and Seniors

As a family-owned company, we offer free drain-cleaning services for military veterans and senior citizens. We value long-term partnerships within our community over short-term projects.