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Hydro-Jetting and Sewer Line Inspection

Over time, sewer lines can become clogged or damaged due to tree roots, grease buildup, offset joints, cracks, and other issues. Without proper inspection and maintenance, these problems only get worse resulting in sewage backups, overflows, and malfunctioning drains. That’s why we offer a thorough two-step process for sewer line inspection and hydro-jetting cleaning services.   

First, we conduct a thorough video inspection of your sewer lines utilizing advanced CCTV camera equipment. The camera is snaked through your pipes to identify any sources of blockages, damage, or issues restricting flow. The camera produces a video recording and reports pinpointing the exact locations and nature of problems found.

With problem areas identified, we then use high-powered hydro-jetting machines to blast through stuck debris, flush out grease buildup and remove intruding tree roots. Our jetters inject hot water at pressures around 8,000 psi directly into your sewer lines to scrub walls and eject stubborn clogs and blockages. 

After jetting your sewer lines, we perform a final video inspection to confirm full flow has been restored. This two-step process of video inspection followed by hydro-jet cleaning ensures a thorough solution for optimal sewer line function.