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Water Softeners and Filters Installation

Hard water and impurities can damage appliances, leave spots and stains, and make water taste stale over time. Installing a whole-house water softener or filter system is an effective way to improve water quality and extend the life of fixtures. Our licensed plumbers provide professional installation services for all major water treatment units.

We carry a wide selection of water softeners and filters from top brands like Culligan, EcoWater, GE, and Whirlpool to meet different household needs and budgets:

  • High-Efficiency Softening Systems

  • 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter Units

  • UV Water Purification Filters

  • Iron Removal Systems

  • Sediment Filters and Carbon Block Filters

For the area of your home being served, we help determine the ideal treatment system and most cost-effective sizing.

During the installation process, our team:

  • Mounts the new unit in the desired location

  • Connects feed water and drain lines

  • Connects brine and discharge lines for softeners

  • Installs a bypass valve assembly where needed

  • Completes all necessary electrical connections

  • Programs softener for desired water hardness level

  • Tests system functionality

We utilize only premium connection fittings and adapters that ensure watertight seals and maximum effectiveness.

After installation is complete, we demonstrate proper care and maintenance of the new unit and leave behind all manuals and warranty information. Our goal is to provide optimal performance from the system for years to come.

When you need to improve your water quality, rely on the experienced plumbers at our company for a professional installation done promptly and properly from start to finish. Maintenance plans are also available for ongoing support.