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Sink Unclogging

Clogged kitchen sinks and drains are inevitable but shouldn’t be difficult to unclog with the right tools and expertise. Our certified drain technicians utilize fast-acting, chemical-free methods to clear stubborn clogs and debris from any sink trap or drain line.      

For slow-draining or partially clogged sinks, we first use specially designed augers and hand tools to break up clogs and debris trapped in the P-trap assembly under your sink. Powerful rotating blades and auger rods loosen and extract obstructions like food scraps, hair, and grease.         

For completely clogged or overflowing sinks, we employ high-powered hydro-jet machines that blast a high-pressure stream of water to dislodge and eject any blockages farther down the drain line. Intruding tree roots and other obstructions throughout longer drain runs can be removed using this technology.                         

After the clog has been cleared, we thoroughly flush all drain lines with water to remove any remaining debris. We also provide maintenance advice to avoid future clogs and recommend proper drain cleaners and care products for your plumbing system.          

If your kitchen sink is draining slowly, overflowing, or completely blocked, contact us today to schedule an unclogging service. Our trained drain technicians have the expertise and specialized equipment to clear any sink or drain clog quickly and effectively – restoring full flow and use of your sink or drain.