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Faucet Repair and Replacement

Dripping or leaky faucets are more than just annoying – they waste our precious water and can lead to damage if left unattended. Our trained plumbers provide comprehensive faucet repair and replacement services for all types of kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Common faucet repairs we perform include:

  • Replacing worn O-rings, cartridges, seats, and washers

  • Tightening loose knobs and handles

  • Repairing leaky sprayers and diverters

  • Repairing broken handles and other parts

  • Clearing debris and mineral buildup from aerator screens

We first assess your faucet to determine if repairs are feasible and cost-effective. Component replacement is the quickest and most effective solution for many dripping faucet issues. However, for older or low-quality faucets a complete replacement may be recommended.              

We carry a wide selection of high-quality faucets from leading brands to match the style of your existing fixtures. Our plumbers can also recommend options based on your budget, water usage, and personal preferences.                    

After any repair or installation work is finished, we thoroughly flush and test the faucet or sink to ensure proper function and make any necessary adjustments. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction with all of our work.

If your sink faucet is acting up, contact us today to schedule a repair or replacement service. Our licensed plumbers have the expertise and parts needed to diagnose and fix all faucet issues quickly and properly – getting your sink operating like new again.