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Leak Detection and Repair

Dripping faucets, leaky pipes, and other household leaks can lead to water damage, lower water pressure, and higher water bills if not addressed promptly. Our professional leak detection and repair services utilize the latest equipment and methods to precisely locate and fix all types of water and gas leaks within your home or business.

To detect leaks, we first perform a visual inspection of exposed plumbing fixtures and pipes. We then use acoustic listening devices, ultrasound leak detectors, and infrared cameras that can detect signs of moisture behind walls and floors. These sensors allow us to quickly pinpoint the source and severity of leaks that may not be visible.

Once the leak has been accurately located, our licensed plumbers make the necessary repairs. This may involve fixing leaky fittings and valves, replacing corroded pipes, re-caulking faulty connections, or installing new shower heads, faucets, and appliances. We utilize high-quality parts and materials that offer longer life and durability.

After completing any repair work, we thoroughly test the entire system to ensure the leak has been resolved and no further issues exist. Our goal is to provide you with a permanent solution the first time.

Contact us today to schedule a thorough leak inspection and professional repair service. We have the expertise, equipment, and experience to accurately identify and fix even the most elusive leaks – restoring your plumbing system to proper function and helping prevent further water damage.