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Rocking Toilets

Our master plumbers at ClogFix have over 15 years of experience fixing wobbly, unsteady rocking toilets for good. As a family-owned company, we prioritize transparency, communication, and going above and beyond to forge long-term relationships built on trust and your complete satisfaction.

Potential Causes of Rocking Toilets:


  • Loose or missing toilet base bolts that anchor the bowl to the floor


  • Damaged, cracked, or deteriorated wax rings failing to create an airtight seal with the floor flange


  • Loose connections where the tank meets the bowl or tank bolts have come loose


  • Worn-out flanges that no longer secure the toilet bowl tightly


  • Uneven floors tilting or unraveling the entire bowl


Our Certified Plumbers:


  • Inspect all connections, bolts, and joints for issues
  • Assess the wax ring and flange for damage or deterioration
  • Adjust and retighten tank connections and bolts
  • Apply new wax rings and bolts as needed
  • Install shims and wood blocking under the base to stabilize on uneven floors
  • Use foam pads, rubber spacers, and leveling discs under the base for fine adjustments
  • Replace damaged floor flanges and reconnect new flanges securely
  • Reinstall completely replacing the wax ring, bolts, and flange if needed


After Leveling Your Toilet:


  • Our plumbers will run multiple water tests to confirm the security of all connections and the wax seal


  • We adjust water levels in the tank to prevent running or floating toilets


  • Our technicians will explain the cause of rocking, and work performed and answer any questions you have


  • You’ll receive instructions for routine maintenance to preserve the stable performance we achieve


We tackle the source of toilet rocking to resolve the issue for good. Our master plumbers calibrate tanks and adjust water levels for optimal function. We take pride in transparent estimates, guaranteed work, and going above and beyond for your complete peace of mind.

Contact us today for a free quote and rocking toilet consultation.


We’ll quickly diagnose the problem and recommend the most effective solution to stabilize your unstable fixture for lasting performance and worry-free use. We look forward to forging a long-term partnership aimed at expertly resolving your rocking toilet problem while securing the stable, reliable performance you require and deserve from this essential fixture.