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Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump is a critical basement water management system that removes groundwater before it can enter and flood your home. Installing a new high-quality sump pump system can significantly reduce the risk of water damage and flooded basements. Our licensed plumbers provide professional installations for all residential applications.

We carry a wide selection of sump pumps from top brands like Zoeller, Hydorflo, Liberty, and Franklin Electric to meet various performance needs:

  • Pedestal and Submersible Pumps

  • Single and Dual Pump Systems

  • Battery Backups and Alarm Units

  • Check Valves and Backflow Preventers

For your specific basement, we determine the ideal pump size, head pressure, and configuration to provide the best protection.

During installation, our team:

  • Excavates and constructs the basin to the required specifications

  • Secures sump pumps and alarm floats within the basin

  • Connects pipes to the sewer or drainage discharge

  • Runs all necessary power and alarm wiring

  • Sets pumps to the optimal operating level

  • Programs and tests alarm functionality

We utilize only premium sump basin materials and components to ensure maximum performance and durability.

After installing your new sump pump system, we demonstrate its proper operation and care. We also leave all manuals and warranty documents. Our goal is to provide peace of mind through a sump pump system that reliably protects your home for many years.     

When installing a new sump pump, rely on the expertise of our plumbers for a job done thoroughly, completely, and up to all applicable local codes and industry standards.