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Gas Line Installation

A new gas line is needed for major appliances like a fireplace, pool heater, HVAC system, stove, water heater, and more. Our licensed plumbers provide professional gas line installation services for both natural gas and propane-fueled appliances. 

We assess gas supply requirements for the new appliance and design an efficient, code-compliant gas line route that minimizes disruption. Gas lines are installed above ground when feasible and buried at least 18″ below ground to code.

During installation, our team:

  • Excavates and runs new black iron or corrosion-resistant piping to the appliance

  • Connects gas lines using threaded, flared, or compression fittings

  • Installs sediment traps and shutoff valves as needed

  • Pressure tests all lines and connections before cover

  • Connects new line to existing house gas supply

  • Complies with all local codes and safety standards

We utilize high-quality piping materials like copper, corrugated stainless steel tubing, and flexible gas connectors that ensure a secure and durable installation.

After the new gas line is installed and connected, we conduct a full safety inspection, ignite pilot lights as needed and verify proper pressure and function. Any disturbed areas are patched and restored.

When a new gas line is required, trust the expertise of our licensed plumbers for a professional installation up to all applicable codes. Safe, reliable gas service is our priority with every job we complete.